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Meet Leslie

Leslie Klenke is a student, author, and entrepreneur...

Leslie is currently following her passion for Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. She plans to share the healing education she is learning from USM, books, podcasts, and life with as many people as possible. Follow her blog and Instagram for practical lessons, guidance, and loving support. Leslie will soon open her schedule to free one-on-one coaching to her online community as a means to practice her Spiritual Psychology facilitation skills and to pay it forward.

Leslie wrote, designed, and photographed Paleo Girl in 2014. Paleo Girl is the only multi-award winning paleo book for teens and young adult women. Published by Primal Blueprint Publishing, the book has won the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award in the Teen: Nonfiction (13-18 years) category, the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award 2015 (for debut authors), the Eric Hoffer Gold Award for Health Category 2015, and the 2014 INDIES REVIEW Honorable Mention, Young Adult Nonfiction (Children's).

Leslie was hired as Director of Marketing and PR at Primal Nutrition shortly after Paleo Girl was released. A few months later, Primal Nutrition launched Primal Kitchen. Getting that startup off the ground solidified Leslie's love for the food space and provided her with invaluable CPG (consumer packaged goods) experience. Working in both the CPG and wellness spaces connected her to so many incredible companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers who were constantly seeking out her marketing advice that her marketing consulting company: ONE11 Consulting, essentially started itself! Officially opening her virtual doors in 2017, Leslie has had the privilege of working with numerous CPG brands, New York Times bestselling authors, and social media influencers.


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The views expressed on this site are just that – my views. I'm not a doctor or your mama. We're all learning and growing here!

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