Top 10 Paleo Pizza Recipes

When I first transitioned from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to paleo, I did so by paleo-fying my favorite foods. This, of course, included pizza. Duh. Doughy crust, rich sauce, stretchy cheese—one can't just go cold turkey on this stuff.

...stuff...stuffed...stuffed crust. Mmm. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, I'm curating a pizza list here! With so many paleo pizza recipes out there, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best to make and which are best to avoid? Here are my top 10 favorite paleo pizza recipes for your tasting pleasure.

Please click on the links to view the original recipes and the creators' websites.

1. The World's Best Paleo Pizza Crust by The Urban Poser

2. NY Style Pizza Crust by Zen Belly

3. Paleo Pizza by Real Simple Good

4. Easy Paleo Pizza by The Merrymaker Sisters

5. Paleo Pizza by Paleo Porn

6. Nightshade-Free Pizza (from Make it Paleo IIby Primal Palate

7. Paleo Pizza by Paleo Leap

8. Cast Iron Skillet Pizza by The Domestic Man

9. BBQ Chicken Pizza by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

10. Cave Crave Pizza (from Paleo Girl) by Leslie Klenke

Yes, #10 is the Cave Crave Pizza from my book. Call it a shameless plug, but it's literally the pizza I ate when I first made the transition to paleo.

Have you tried any of these pizza recipes? Or have I missed your favorite pizza recipe that everyone should know about? I'd love to hear from you! Please comment below with the best paleo pizza recipe you've tried at home.

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