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SCCS EP01: The Responsibility of Choice


Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions Episode 01 with Virginia

In this call, I coach Virginia through a process called "The Responsibility of Choice" in which she shares her struggles in making progress with her business and the challenge of not bringing in new income.⁠

While you listen to this episode I want you to consider the following: Do you find yourself not taking action in areas of your life where you feel that you should be? Are you unable to make forward momentum, and you don't know why?

Please stay tuned to the end where I go beyond the coaching session prompt and I break down what my soul heard in this session. It goes much deeper than an entrepreneurial hangup, and I think you, too, will hear that on this call.

I'm including the process I used for this coaching session below so that you may self-coach yourself, or partner with a friend, to work through this exercise.


Download a printable PDF worksheet of the process here.

  1. Identify a current situation that you would like to be different.
  2. Use a journal to identify inner and outer choices that you're currently making which tend to maintain the situation as it is.
  3. Consider other possible inner and outer choices that may produce different positive results. Feel free to really stretch out beyond your comfort zone and include anything that comes to mind here. Example: Driving to the airport right now and hopping on a random flight.
  4. Refrain from committing to anything and simply explore the possibilities.
  5. How do these explorations make you feel? What emotions come forward? What trends do you see popping up? What judgments do you witness? Is there a deeper message to uncover? Get curious and keep asking questions until you get to the heart of the matter!

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