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Introducing Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions!

Hooray! Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions have officially been released! New episodes are available exclusively to my Inner Circle (newsletter) first. If you'd like to join the Circle, simply sign up on my homepage.

Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions will be available to everyone else one month after their initial release date. For example, September's call went out to my list today and it will not be available for the general public until October's call is released. My monthly sendings go out on the first Friday of every month.

To give you a little backstory about my Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions, I'm currently attending the University of Santa Monica for the "Soul-Centered Living I: A 10-Month Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology" program. I've been traveling to California one weekend per month since February for the in-person classes where approximately 200 students and I receive an education in Spiritual Psychology from Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick and participate in "trios" with our classmates.

What we practice in our trios is exactly what I facilitate on these coaching calls.

In the classroom trio setting, three students work together at a time. The roles are client, facilitator, and silent observer. The caller and I will act and the client and facilitator (or coach), respectively, and you get to be our silent observer! Simply learning by coming into heart-centered listening.

My hope with these coaching sessions is threefold.

First and foremost, I hope to facilitate deep healing for my clients around any unresolved issues or challenges that we discuss. I have experienced incredible healing in the trios at USM, and I know that they have the potential for a profound experience if they are genuinely open to healing.

Secondly, I hope to use these coaching sessions as practice for myself between weekends at USM. Consider this use of the word "practice" the way that yogis use it, acknowledging that we are always students practicing our craft while here on Earth. I feel a deep calling to this work, and it’s an honor for me to fulfill my soul's purpose while supporting my community.

Lastly, I hope that by releasing these sessions that I may help facilitate healing in this community for those who find themselves going through similar challenges in their lives. So much healing can take place by simply listening to others be coached through challenges that we resonate with.

Would you like to be coached through a challenge on a future episode of Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions?

Please send me a DM through Instagram and start a conversation with me. I'd love to learn more about you and if we'd be a good fit for each other. These calls are 100% free, as they are a service to this community while I'm a student at USM.

I don't know what the future will hold for these sessions or if I'll continue to publish them long-term, and I'm a-okay with not knowing the answer yet. For now, I feel called to do it and that's exactly what I'm doing! I know the path will unfold before me as it always does!

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